Providing a low-cost printing service to community groups

In 1986 the Manpower Services Commission pulled out of their community Printshop which shared the Homecraft Centre with CARESCO. The CARESCO Management Committee agreed to take on the Printshop and therefore the whole building.

The Printshop provides a low-cost printing service to community groups from the surrounding area and is run by a manager who also does the printing work and co-ordinates teams of volunteers to collate, fold and staple.  Using Risographs, printing is done with black ink on white or coloured paper to the quality of a photocopier.

Most work is in the form of village magazines, newsletters and event programmes printed onto A4 and either stapled or folded into A5.

Regular Work

The bi-monthly Sawtry Eye village magazine, which is also edited by CARESCO, is the largest regular publication that is printed by the Printshop.  The 2900 copies take around two to three weeks to be printed by the Printshop Manager, then collated and stapled by volunteers.

Smaller but monthly, the Stilton Scan magazine is the next biggest regular job.